Worship is a the centre of our life as Christians. 

At both our churches we use official services of the Church of England.  

The principal weekly service at St John's is the Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion), which is celebrated every Sunday at 10.00 am.  

At Bornova we use the short service of Evening Prayer.  This takes place every Tuesday at 5.00 pm. 

Our services and sermons are in English, but our service booklets include a full translation in Turkish.

These services include readings from the Bible, prayers, traditional English hymns and worship songs.    

We are always happy to discuss the meaning and content of our services.  Please do not hesitate to ask us if you are able to visit, or to contact the Chaplain for further information.    

Morning prayer is usually said at 8.15 am on weekday mornings at St John's Church.  It is advisable to check in advance.